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(About us) The first and most important step is to get to know each other. Once we are well acquainted with your area of expertise, work ethics and strategies as well as with your competition, together with you, we will start to elaborate a the most efficient work plan as possible. The analysis of your professional domain is a demanding but necessary process if we want to ensure that your online store will be ahead of your competition while maintaining and integrating your brand identity into your new web-store.

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The Magento eCommerce platform offers merchants a flexible, innovative and the most customizable web-store platform, enabling our customers to integrate their brand identity into one of the most esthetically and functionally pleasing eCommerce platforms available to date.

New Tool For Magento Responsive Design

We madea great new tool for  developers, an extension that verifies if the user visits the site from a desktop or from a mobile(or tablet) device. We incorporated the library in our extension and we added the possibility to separate the CSS and JS files for mobile/desktop. Also the

11 July 2016

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PDF generator extension – how to create a custom template?

Our PDF generator extension had a simple template.  The old template looks like the image below. We wanted a custom template with our logo, our company details and our specific colors.  Pdf  generator Pro has 5 different templates for invoice, order,  shipment,  credit memo and product.  For

25 November 2015

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