Free Shipping Coupon Code For Magento

Magento free shipping coupon

Today a had a request from one of my french clients. The problem was that he needed a free shipping coupon code for his clients and in a few minutes the free shipping coupon was done.

OK! What i did to make him happy was:

I created a new rule - coupon rule in the Promotions->Shopping Cart Price Rules like this:

  • add a new rule - The usual coupon code for Magento;
  • he had no Conditions because the coupon was available for everybody end every products but you can experiment with the rules and conditions;
  • under Actions>Free Shipping - set the For matching items only (my case);

That is it. A few thing to consider before we finish:

  1. my client used the free shipping method only for the coupon;
  2. because of this i can set the Minimum Order Amount under Free Shipping Method to 1000000. If you need to make this work width other rules you need see exactly how they apply.

That is about all if you need more details feel free to post a comment.

Good Luck!