Urgent Cargus estimate shipping costs


We developed this module for our customers in order to get the shipping costs from Urgent Courier API live for their customers. The shipping cost calculation will be done based on the country (RO), county, city and package weight. 

We finally got to publish one of our modules developed for our customers and modified to be able to be used by the community.  Because the Magento modules created by Urgent Cargus ware not up to the standards required by our customers we had to develop new ones using the Urgent Cargus API. The module you can find here will import the cities from the Urgent database.

We strongly recommend the use of the shipping estimate module in conjunction with the City Dropdown module we developed some time ago to ensure the data for the city filed is accurate and the user does not make mistakes.  Even if you do not use the extension mentioned above the errors should be minimal as we used a Levenshtein algorithm to correct the city name if it does not match the exact one from the Urgent Courier list. 

How does the Levenshtein algorithm work? For example if you will write "Camp Moti" or "camp moti" from Bihor county the system will find the correct "Camp-Moti" string and will replace the value the user has written in the checkout field.

After this step the correct value will be sent to the Urgent Courier API and we will get back the price value for the shipping. This will only be used if you use the "Import cities" button on the shipping method settings tab. This will add all the 12616 cities in the current list to the database table created on extension installation. The list might change in the future but that is not a problem. Each time you use the "Update lista orase!" the old list will be deleted and a new one will be created. 

If there is any issue with the web-services or the user and passwords are not OK, or any other problem that can be encountered the module will not show the prices. Actually in order to be able to choose the "Plan tarifar" and the "Punct ridicare" you need first to have a valid passwords and user and to do a initial save. 

In the next 2 weeks we anticipate we will release also the module for generating the AWB directly from Magento but we will discuss more on that mater then. 

Don't  forget to write us if you found any bug or if you have suggestions about improving the extension. The extension can be also found on Magento Connect if you choose to install it using Magento Connect, although i do not encourage that. See you!