City Drop-down for Magento

Hello again,

A few months ago we developed a small module for one of our Magento clients in order to better manage the city field data added by the user.  So after a small meeting we decided we need to develop a small module to add this feature. 


After starting to work we found out this was not a very easy task. We had to rewrite and to add a lot of front end and admin functionality. The JavaScript needed was done fast so we did not had the time to extend the Magento prototype classes. After a few days of work we ended up with a very useful module but highly customized for our needs. 

After minor modifications we managed to get the module ready for the Romanian stores for free and for other country's paid.  We uploaded the module on Magento Connect and on our website and the downloads started. 

The module can be used on a store with no or minimal modifications to the checkout without any developer support. If you use a custom checkout module you need to add the JavaScript that reads the city by region  and country via ajax to the your system.

The module, at this moment, does not have any configurations or settings so once installed will be available in front end and and admin where the city input is present.

The main reason to develop this module was the need to integrate the checkout process shipping prices with the API for the couriers so we can have instant calculations based on weight,city and region. We used this module to integrate the store with Urgent and Fan Courier and we had requests for others so stay tuned for more on this subject. We really hope this module will help Romanian shop owners grow there store faster by gathering more consistent data from their customers. 

The database table created on installation will be populated with 1258 cities from all the counties in Romania.  If you need the system to work for multiple countries you just need to import you regions and cities for that countries. The database structure is exemplified below.

city_id country_id region_id cityname
1 RO  278  Abrud

We recommend the use of this system if you want to install the "Urgent Shipping Estimate" extension or the ones we will release next month. If you find any bug or problem please contact us. 

Thanks and good luck!

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  • Marcel

    Doresc sa instalez extensia aceasta dar varianta mea de php este 5.6.22 . Aveti cumva o varianta a extensiei pt versiunile superioare de PHP, ca cea de mai sus?
    Multumesc mult,