Proud to show our first video


Finally, after some time we managed to make the get a professional to create a video about our company and about what we love to do every day at work.  This was a real provocation, unlike the beautiful code we do every day. 

We needed to do a script, and it was not a IDE script. Well we made multiple scripts, and tried, and modified them and we tried again, and all sounded like crap. The one of our colleagues give us a wonderful idea, to hire a professional, and we did and we got a real nice script.

Then we needed the voice over, we made voices, and they all sounded very bad. So again we hired another professional (after hearing about 30 of them) . We decided on one and it was on vacation. Then we found the very good one that was at work. Thank God...

Here is the final result. What do you think?