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  • Magento 2 LESS structure is different than the structure of Magento 1. LESS files can be found in multiple places in Magento 2. Each LESS file can be found in a modules specific folder.One way to create our less structure is to extend the LESS files from the parent theme. For example, we use Magento_Customer [...]

  • Hello,
    Finally, after some time we managed to make the get a professional to create a video about our company and about what we love to do every day at work.  This was a real provocation, unlike the beautiful code we do every day. 
    We needed to do a script, and it was not a IDE script [...]

  • The shipping costs are one of the most important factors in the conversion rate of your store.  If the customer is able to asses the cost of the shipping before the cart he will be more likely to add as much as he feels is not a problem for his budget. The shipping costs should be [...]

  • Hello again,
    A few months ago we developed a small module for one of our Magento clients in order to better manage the city field data added by the user.  So after a small meeting we decided we need to develop a small module to add this feature. 

    After starting to work we found out this was not a [...]

  • We developed this module for our customers in order to get the shipping costs from Urgent Courier API live for their customers. The shipping cost calculation will be done based on the country (RO), county, city and package weight. 
    We finally got to publish one of our modules developed for our customers and modified to be able to be [...]

  • Hello,

    We just released the Magento Invoice Pdf Generator  Free for Magento CE. As you may see here at the moment you can do a lot of stuff with the new extension. You can use variables in the templates, you can customize the description and so on. We decided to add s small how to here in order for you to be able to use the Invoice Pdf Generator to add barcodes and qrcodes.


    The code you need to use is like this:

    <p><barcode code="Your message here or variable" type="QR" size="0.8" error="M" /></p>
    <p><barcode code="{{var ea_invoice_id}}" type="UPCA" /></p>

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  • Unele afaceri au nevoie de un magazin online cu un numar limitat de produse care de multe ori nu se modifica prea mult in timp. Spre exemplu un mic producator de produse traditionale romanesti. Acesta va afisa un numar limitat de produse 100-200, si nu are alocat un buget foarte mare de dezvoltare.
    In acest caz [...]

  • In ultimul an am avut ocazia sa implementam sisteme CRM, mai exact vtiger CRM pentru mai multe companii de pe piata locala. Pentru cei ce nu sunt inca familiarizati cu termenul CRM – (Customer Relationship Management) acesta inseamna  Managementul Relatiilor cu Clientii. Practic sistemul CRM, in acest caz vtiger inlesneste contactul echipei de vanzari cu [...]

  • Consultanta
    In momentul in care ne gandim sa lansam un magazin online ne vin o mutime de idei depre cum ar trebui sa arate si sa functioneze. De multe ori, este posibil sa cerem oferte de pret si sa fim descurajati de pret sau de anumite restricii ce ni se pun la dezvoltarea magazinului.
    De obice clientul cunoaste clientii [...]

  • Lucram cu Magento de trei ani si avem o experienta ce ne ajuta sa oferim solutii excelente clientilor nostri. Magento este OP (open source) si reprezinta  in acest moment una dintre cele mai bune solutii e-commerce. Interfata de administrare Magento ofera cele mai bune solutii pentru marketing online, seo si management al cataloagelor de produse [...]

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