magento consulting

What are the steps?

The first and most important step is to get to know each other. Once we are well acquinted with your area of expertise, work ethics and strategies as well as with your competition, together with you, we will start to elaborate a the most efficent work plan as possible.

The analysis of your professional domain is a demanding but necessary process if we want to ensure that your online store will be ahead of your competition while maintaining and integrating your brand identity into your new web-store.

Why the magento platform?

We give you 9 reasons

With the help of this online shop platform we can offer you the shop that will best suit all of your needs. Through the high level of customization supported by the Magento platform, we able to offer you the most aesthetically pleasing and fully functional web shop available. With our expertise in creating online stores, and your expert view of your clients, web-shop design can't get any easier!

  1. 1. The most important we think is the scalable platform

    It does not matter if you are small business or large one. Magento will feet your need. As you start you will not be required to invest large sums into the developement and you can focus on marketing and user experience. Then as you grow you will start to invest more and more into the developement. If you work with professional developers and the code they are doing will be clean and readable the future developement will come easy and will not be very expensive because of Magento's clear structure.

  2. 2. The next best thing is this is Open Source

    Being open source allows developers to make plugins that cut big from the developement costs. Also having a huge community will increase developer productivity. Also due to this fact you can find developers very fast and test them to check their quality.

  3. 3. Site management

    Magento allows you to create multiple store with different prices, customers and so on but you can manage all of them from the same panel. As you grow you will feel the need to use this feature (B2B for example) and it will cut huge on costs on implementaton and operation.

  4. 4. User Friendly platform

    This is both for the customer as well as for the admin panel user. The customer will find himself on a comfortable environment with categories and filters he can use to get faster to the product he wants. With some extensions and customization your store can be turned into a fast converting site with losts of happy users. The back end user will learn the admin panel fast and he will not be able to do mistakes do the work flows Magento uses. Even Magento Community has a good user role system that will make your life much easier.

  5. 5. Magento SEO

    Magento on site SEO is not perfect it is pretty good. The URL's are very clean, you can add meta data to almost all the content created. Also the up sales and related products can be a good in site link-ing system. If the filter URL's bother you then you can use extension top fix the issue very fast (always with developer help).

  6. 6. Mobile store

    With Magento Mobile you can target fast your mobile customers. A store developed using Magento can very fast include features like gesture control, image scaling and drag and drop.

  7. 7. Data analysis

    Magento has a reporting system that can offer you simple reports on your customers and business. Also the platform can be very easy integrated with Google Analytics for more specific data.

  8. 8. Security and payment options

    Magento comes with Pay Pal, Google Payments, check and other payment options pre-installed. Using Magento Connect you can find a lot of payment methods for most of international payment gateways. With a SSL certificate you can make your site secure and your customers will feel safe.

  9. 9. Magento is modular and extendable

    For a software to be easy to develop and use it needs to be modular and extendable. The modularity will allow you to remove things that you do not need to save resources or to add new modules fast without errors. An extendable system will be easy to change and to upgrade without generation major issues lot the initial system.

I have a question

Ask us anything, for our goal is to help you create the store that will make you come out ahead of your competition and help your clients as well!