magento development

Why the Magento Platform?

The Magento eCommerce platform offers merchants a flexible, innovative and the most customizable web-store platform, enabling our customers to integrate their brand identity into one of the most esthetically and functionally pleasing eCommerce platforms available to date.

Efficiency in division

By dividing the task at hand into smaller parts, our experts can organize and rank them by importance, thus enabling them to work on the tasks in order of their importance and in the end creating a stable and reliable platform that will support any further modifications without encountering errors.

Our approach

Flexibility during web development is extremely important to us because this way our clients can point out to us any changes that they might want to introduce as they see their shop in development. To assure that we create this opportunity for our clients, we begin the development process as soon as possible, avoiding any exaggerated planning stages that might take up several months of our client's precious time. Our approach enables our clients to observe how our experts implement the "Agile" system, enabling them to work in mobile teams that have the ability to focus on the development of several systems at the same time.

How much time?

After a discussion with our client, we will have a briefing with our experts in which we will evaluate the necessary time for creating, testing and implementing the desired software into the online shop coveted by our client. After we divide the task at hand into several sub-units, and assign the work groups, we will test and reevaluate each and every task upon completion and convey upon the most desirable way of continuation for the development. In case we encounter any delays or other inconveniences , we will decide together with our client upon the further development of the project at hand.