Order(Proforma), Invoice, Credit Memo, Shipping and Product PDF Generator Pro

This Magento extension allows you to customize your store pdf printouts as you wish.
Compatibility: 1.5*, 1.6*, 1.7*, 1.8*, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3,,,

Current Version: 1.2.11

without VAT (EU only)
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PDF Generator is the most complete solution regarding the PDF files you can find on Magento Connect. We developed the extension at first only for the invoice and then due to the high requests for the order, shipments, credit memos and products. The extension will allow you also to send the generated PDF's via email as attachments. You can create multiple templates for each entity based on store and attribute set for product PDF. Our PDF's are smaller then the ZEND PDF's and they are generated with less resources. The extension also includes a download link in the client area.

The template is a html file that is translated at generation into the PDF. This means you can have any design you can think of with no limitations. You can export a single template or multiple templates. We also added a mass action for printing under orders, where you can print all entity's for that order. You will also find mass actions under invoice, shipment and credit memo.

The templates have several tabs meant to keep the data clean and separated.

The "Template information" tab is used to store the info for the template. The important settings here are the "Store View" and the "Default template". On the first one you will be able to assign a template tot the store view and the other one is used to assign a template as default. The default template is the one printed if on mass action you select default template regardless of the store and settings.

Next we have the body, header and footer of the template. In the body are you will add all the information used in the invoice, customer address, company information, products data and other things needed. The header and footer will contain data like the page numbers, your logo and slogan. They will repeat on every page.

The CSS tab will allow you to customize the template almost like a web page. The colours, with, height, padding can be used to make a very pleasing and clean template.

In the settings you can select the file name of the exported file. The page format can be a standard one or you can choose a custom one. If you choose a custom size please keep in mind the values should be bigger then 10 mm. The page orientation can be landscape or portrait. The last 4 settings for the top, bottom,left and right can adjust the page margins and they should be used also to make room for the header and footer.

This is the big brother of the Invoice PDF Generator

Added tax tables, added comments for all the entity's, added default templates system.



User: demo

Passwords: demo1234

With this extension you are able to customize all your store PDF templates as follows:

Invoice, Credit Memo, Shipping:

Print all Invoice, Credit Memo, Shipping from Invoice, Credit Memo, Shipping grid using templates. Use custom template for grid (order grind included).

  • choose the store;
  • change size and paper orientation;
  • change margins;
  • change the header and footer;
  • add css to make styles;
  • send the invoice to mail;
  • give the user the options to print the pdf in his account.

Product - create technical sheets for the products from the back end and display them in front end. You can test the product pdf by clicking on the button: PRINT PRODUCT PDF.

  • choose the store;
  • change size and paper orientation;
  • change margins;
  • change the header and footer;
  • add css to make styles;
  • choose attribute set;

The possibility are endless. 

What we guaranty:

  • 30 Days money Back;
  • full support via e-mail;
  • life updates.

What else? You can have the following approach if you would like to buy the extension:

"If you add a button on the order page it will be great". And we will improve the application before you buy. This will be considered by our team, if it is a personification only you use we will not do it for a fee.

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