Magento Auto Change Customer Group

The extension will manage the users in the store and auto move them to different user groups based sales.
Compatibility: 1.5*, 1.6*, 1.7*, 1.8*, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3,,,

Current Version:1.0.4

without VAT (EU only)
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The extension will change customer groups automatically when you make an invoice or credit memo based on rules you set up. This extension will ad a filed to the user so you will be able to exclude some of the users from the automatic group change. How To: You need to do some things before you start using the system: - test on a development server (just to be safe); - check the users you do not want apply the rules for (change to Disable Auto Group Switch! -> Yes); - go to system -> configuration and find the EA Auto Customer Groups -> enable and add add the groups and the total sales you want. Advice's: 1. Add the customer groups in order - so Retailer after 500 dollars, Wholesale after 1500 and so on. 2. If you already have users that have the required sales volume they will be moved automatically after the first invoice or credit memo created. How are the totals calculated: The total = the total invoiced - total returned + the current invoice value.
✶We are using for dollar euro parity 0,91 euro ( 1 US Dollar = 0,91 Euro )