Magento 2 Invoice PDF Generator PRO

This is an upgrade for the Magento 2 Invoice PDF Generator with bar codes, qr codes, customer account download.
Compatibility: 2.1*, 2.2*

Current Version: 2.0.8

without VAT (EU only)
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!#markdown Our extension will allow you to modify the invoice printouts with ease and for specific store views. The template can be customised using the same system as the email templates with a lot of additional variables. The great advantages of this extension are the store select feature, the bar code dynamic generation and variable system. After the extension installation you will find on the templates grid 4 templates. Two are using the email templates variable system and another 2 are using the advanced variable system from our extension. The templates for the PDF are in html format so you do not need other knowledge then html and css to edit and customize them. If you own a Magento 2 store with a multi store system, or you are from the EU region this extension will be a must. You can create different templates for each store or store view. The extension has a very powerful variable system. Each variable is generated based on the invoice you choose. If you choose to use bar codes you will be able to have a bar code for each entity value. Also if you have customization on your system our variable system will pick dynamically the new added values and generate variables for them. We also added for each value multiple variables so for example for invoice grand total you will have a variable with the actual value, one that contains the currency, one with the bares code you selected and one "if variable". The "if variable" is added for the case when you have 0 values. This system will allow you to harness all the power of the email template system and more. You can add PHTML templates to your template for very advanced configurations. You can add your own item processing layout so you can output taxes item prices as you want ({{layout area="frontend" handle="sales_email_order_invoice_items" invoice=$invoice order=$order}}) or you can use the custom item system. ###__The extension__ + is 100% open source; + easy to install; + has very clean readable code; + has a very simple and usable interface. ###__The demo__ The demo will contain 10 pdf templates. The first 2 are for invoices for the free version. The nest 2 are for the pro version (id 3 and 4). ###__Frontend:__ url: user: pass: Demo1234 ###__Backend:__ url: user: demo pass: demo1234
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