Magento 2 Mobile Detect System

Magento 2 Mobile detect system can be used to load different themes base on the client device (desktop, tablet, mobile).
Compatibility: 2.1*, 2.2*

Current Version: 1.1.7

without VAT (EU only)
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!#markdown The main configuration can be made under Content> Design> Configuration. You can add user agent phrases there (Design Rule> User Agent Rules). + Add `eadesign_is_mobile` to upload your mobile theme + Add `eadesign_is_tablet` to load the theme for the tablet + Add `eadesign_is_desktop` to load the desktop theme In system configurations, you need to enable the extension. You'll also find 3 redirection fields. If you add a URL to the mobile field, for example, the user will be redirected to the url there. This can be useful if you want to use a different website / store URL for the theme. ###__Installation__ You can install the module manually or by composer by adding it to the application / code directory. The module is available at ### __ Via composer: __ Composer config repositories.magento2-mobiledetect git EaDesgin / magento2-mobiledetect; Composer require eadesignro / module-mobiledetect; Php bin / magento setup: upgrade; ### __ Uninstall_ You have to delete the module. Composer remove eadesign / module-mobiledetect;
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