Hosting on EaDesign EVO shared/VPS servers for the stores on Magento platform. To understand the necessities at server level for Magento, you have to be a Magento developer, you have to know the structure and the database.
without VAT (EU only)


EaDesign EVO offers up to 600% better performances than normal servers for hosting. On EVO servers are hosted Magento stores exclusively, this stores being optimized for this platform. Because some of the customers are used with cPanel, we decided to provide this service too on different servers. We offer the customer all the cPanel options except the file manager. The access to the files on the server is made with ftp/sftp and to the database with phpMyAdmin.FPC with Redis is implemented for all the stores. All the sessions and the cache are stored in the RAM memory. The web server is NGINX with php-fpm.
✶We are using for dollar euro parity 0,91 euro ( 1 US Dollar = 0,91 Euro )